[CCF] Meet at Avery Circle for Dig-in in 15 minutes!

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Dear CCF,

I hope you all are well — we've all worked so hard this term, and we're almost there!

I just wanted to remind you all about Dig-in — it will be today at Daniel Lim's apartment (150 S. Chester) from 10am-5pm, and we will be walking over together from Avery Circle at 9:45am (in about 15 minutes)!

You can join us later at any time — just message me (or anyone else who's coming) so that we can open the gate for you!
There will be some delicious food for lunch :)

I hope it'll be a relaxing time of fellowship and deep enjoyment of God's Word :)

Take care! Again, almost there :)