[CCF]This Week's Announcements

Tuesday, April 04, 2023

Hey CCF!

We hope everyone had a restful Spring break Here are the announcements for this week:

Hour of Prayer
We will have worship this Thursday from 10-11 pm in the Music House -- our usual time!

Weekly Meeting
There is no Friday meeting this week due to Good Friday service.

Easter Sunrise Hike
GCF has invited us to attend their Easter Sunday hike. They will leave at 6 AM on Sunday and meet at the La Cañada Teepee Trailhead. Both Victor and Jerry attended last year and loved it. More information is attached to the end of this email.

Additionally, we have recently elected a new CCF council! If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out/respond to this email. Have a blessed term everyone!

Yours truly,
CCF Council


From: Wei, Nathaniel (Nathan) <nwei@caltech.edu>
Sent: Sunday, April 2, 2023 11:01 PM
To: Huang, Jerry Y. (Jerry) <jyhuang@caltech.edu>; Li, Victor H. <vhli@caltech.edu>
Subject: Easter Sunday sunrise hike
Hey Victor and Jerry,

Good to see y'all at church this morning :) Just thought I'd let y'all (and by extension CCF) know that we're doing the Easter Sunday sunrise hike again this year. Start time is 6am cuz I need to be back for Missio worship lol, but that way we'll actually get to see the sun rise as we hike up to the La Cañada Teepee.

Here's the blurb I sent to GCF:

Sunday, 9 April: Easter Sunday sunrise hike, 6am at the La Cañada Teepee trailhead. For the third year in a row, GCF and friends will gather for an early-morning hike, with some Scripture readings and songs halfway through. It's about 3 miles and 1300 feet of elevation gain total, but the hard work will be rewarded with glorious sunrise views and wonderful fellowship (and, most importantly, bragging rights at church later that morning). Please fill out this form if you're interested and we'll follow up with more information later in the week.

Feel free to forward this to CCF, in case anyone wants to join!

Happy Holy Week (and first week of the quarter),