[CCF] Week 2

Monday, October 18, 2021


Hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready to crush this week. Here are this week's announcements:

CCF Meeting
We're going to be holding an in-person (yes! you heard right, in-person) meeting at the Hameetman Conference room (upstairs room of Red Door) this Friday, Oct. 22nd from 8:00-9:00 pm. We changed the time to accommodate classes, office hours, sports, etc. better, so please be there and feel free to invite your friends! Very excited about our first in-person meeting!

Nearby Churches
For our new people and especially our frosh, finding a church to be plugged into may be intimidating. Currently, there are two very close services to where we are. Gracepoint at Caltech will have service this Sunday 10/24 at 1 pm in the Hameetman Conference room. Missio, about a 15-minute walk north of campus, holds service at 10 am. These are the churches I am personally familiar with and feel free to reach out to me with questions. Of course, there are many other churches nearby campus that you can check out. Check out this link for more info on local churches: http://ccf.caltech.edu/p/local-churches.html.

Keeping hanging in there!

Victor Li (vhli@caltech.edu)