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Monday, May 03, 2021

Hi CCF friends,

Wow I'm so encouraged by your positive response! Praise God (:
In case you were wondering--because some of you had asked--I took a break between third and fourth year of medical school for a research year. I also took the opportunity to learn more about missions through taking the Perspectives class. (I highly recommend it!)

This year,
I learned that 1/4 of the world will most likely not get to hear the gospel before they die.
I learned that only 1/10 of the resources donated to missions will go to those people.
The other 9/10 of missionaries and funding goes to places where people have already heard the gospel and/or have the Bible in their language.
How crazy is that?

I want the next generation of Christians (including you!) to know about the current status--where the gospel has gone, where the gospel has yet to go.
I want to invite young Christians to think about missions.
Missions could look pretty different for the next generation compared to past generations.
How can we start conversations with young Christians? How can we start brainstorming?
Do we believe that the gospel is truly worth sharing with every person in every nation?
Do we believe that God deserves to have people from every nation worshiping him?

It was really cool to basically dive deeper and expand a hackathon project with the goal of sharing about missions and unreached people groups with young Christians.

If you would like to join this effort, you could
pray for us or for the unreached of the day by downloading Joshua Project's app (great for small groups!)
read our blog
- join the next cohort (this summer) if you 1) have some time and 2) want to meet some chill people and 3) want to work on a project where you can use your skills to serve God and his kingdom

keep lookin' up,
b.s. chemistry | caltech '17

On Sun, May 2, 2021 at 8:52 AM Jenny He <> wrote:

I hope this email finds you well.

My name is Jenny. I'm an alum from 2017, BS Chemistry, Avery House, from Texas, currently a medical student at UT Southwestern.

Tl;dr - Working on designs to share about unreached people groups with young Christians; we would appreciate 15 min of your time and your feedback for these prototypes. We'll send you some free stickers. Sign up here. Yay thanks (:

. . .

I wanted to share about a cool side project I've been working on with some friends this spring through Indigitious, an organization that hosts Christian hackathons on college campuses all around the world.

My friends and I are part of the first Indigitous Serve cohort, which was created for further development of cool project ideas.

This spring, we partnered with Joshua Project to work on some designs to share their data about Frontier People Groups (people who have no chance of hearing the gospel in their lifetime) with young Christians.

We're looking for feedback on our design prototypes, and I was wondering if you could help me.
It'll be a ~15 min survey, and we'll send you some stickers as a small token of our appreciation!
>> Help test our prototypes:

Learn more about the Indigitous Serve cohort vision:
Follow us on Instagram:
Sign up to be part of the next cohort:

If you want to host / participate in an Indigitous hackathon or learn more in other ways, just let me know!

keep lookin' up,
b.s. chemistry | caltech '17