Re: [CCF] CCF Week 5

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Hi CCF! 

Sorry it looks like I missed a couple announcements in the last email so here they are:

SAFE (Science And Faith Examined) Event 

Friday, May 21, @6pm PST

Join for a talk and discussion on how digital creatives are influencing the nature of religious authority. Features Heidi Campbell, Professor of Communications at Texas A&M University. Register at

Also, PSA from Laura: the weekly meetings are no longer called the "main group meeting," it is simply the weekly meeting. 



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Hi, CCF!

Hope you all are doing well amidst midterms! 

Main Group Meeting
Our fourth meeting is on Friday (April 30th), from 5:00-6:00PM PST—we hope you can join us for a time of fellowship and prayer! Click here to join on Zoom: (Meeting ID: 669 413 5812, Passcode: Christ).

Morning Devotionals:
Join LC to start off your mornings with daily devotionals! 8:00AM PST on Monday-Wednesday, 7:00AM PST on Thursday, and then 8:00AM PST on Friday-Saturday. Same Zoom information as the weekly meeting.

Tuesday Night Bible Study/Fellowship with Gracepoint Caltech:
Come join the Gracepoint Caltech community to listen to a message and do some fellowship! This is a great way to get acquainted with a church before coming on campus. 

Community Events:
Exciting upcoming events from the community:

Volunteer with Hands Offering Hope
Join for a volunteering opportunity to virtually tutor English to students in Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico! For more info contact Caroline (

Volunteer with Hollywood Food Coalition
The Hollywood Food Coalition has been serving meals to the homeless in Hollywood since 1987, and right now they are actively seeking volunteers. For more info, contact Patrick Hudnut (

God bless, and hope to see you on Friday! 

With love,