[CCF] Week 1 Announcements

Monday, April 03, 2017

Dear CCF, 

Hope you all had a wonderful break!  Here are some announcements for this week:  

GCF Lunch Meeting: Origin of the Elements by Jonas Lippuner 
Ever wondered where all the elements such as carbon, oxygen, iron, gold, uranium come from (spoiler: it's not supernovae, at least not for the heavy elements)?
Monday (4/3, noon) at Caltech Y 

Large Group
Welcome back to a new term!  Let's come together for a time of fellowship, worship, and prayer!  
Monday (4/3, 8pm) at Avery Library

Hour of Prayer (HoP)
A time of worship, accountability, and prayer.  
Thursday (4/6, 10pm) at Avery Piano Room

Family Business Meeting (FBM)
A chance for intentional feedback and discussion about how CCF can better serve the Lord, each other, and the community next year.  
Sunday (4/9, 8:30pm) at 9th floor Millikan Library 

Spring Retreat Sign-ups 
Camping at Joshua Tree on Memorial Day Weekend (5/28-29 Sun-Mon).  

Take care,