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Mondays 7:00 - 8:00pm, Millikan Bridge
(8-9 pm during the school year)
The fellowship comes together once a week to worship God through song, learn from His Word, and pray for one another. Teaching varies from week to week - we have both outside speakers and student-led talks. We also hang out afterwards to get froyo or go to Chouse (the student coffee house)
together during the school year.

Tuesdays 8:00-9:00pm, Millikan Bridge
The fellowship comes together once a week to worship God through an hour of prayer.

Various Times and Locations
Small groups are a great way of growing with fellow brothers and sisters in a smaller setting. Different groups have different focuses and aims. Stay posted for more info come fall.

One-on-one meetings with a focus on growing together and encouraging one another. You can start these up on your own, or we can help you find a discipleship partner. We also partner with older mentors outside of CCF (from GCF and other fellowships).

Various retreats, praise nights, and other events happen throughout the year. We also partner with the other Christian fellowships at Caltech from time to time.

We are currently planning a barbecue for right before the start of fall term. Keep posted for more information.

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