[CCF]Re: Changes to this week's schedule

Friday, February 23, 2024


Let's skip today's meeting (2/23) at 8pm. We have some performances this weekend (The Real Inspector Hound and orchestra concert) in which some of our very own CCF members will be a big part of. 🙂Come out and show your support!

CCF Council

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Subject: [CCF]Changes to this week's schedule
Hey CCF! There are a few changes to this week's schedule. Due to the Avery and Lloyd formal dinner, we will push back our Friday meeting to 8:30 PM in the Hameetman Center. Additionally, CCF has a pairing program with the Graduate Christian Fellowship (GCF). If you want to be matched to a member of GCF, submit the form here. This is a great way to grow your faith and foster fellowship with other Christians on campus. Our council members have all benefited from the pairing program, feel free to ask any one of us if you have any questions about it!

Those are the updates! We'll see you tomorrow for worship at 10 pm. Have a great week!

CCF Council