[CCF]CCF Winter Term Finals Week

Monday, March 13, 2023


  • light schedule this week for finals 💪
  • Joshua Tree trip this Saturday w/ GCFriends! See below ⬇️
  • SAFE event 4/15. 💡
Announcements for this week:

Hour of Prayer
On demand - no plan set in stone for Hour of Prayer this week, but it is good to pray so let's get together to do it if we can!

Weekly Meeting
No weekly meeting - go home!

Saturday, 15 April: Science and Faith Examined (SAFE) event with Dr. Charles Cao, 6:30pm in the Hameetman Multipurpose Room. More details to follow, but just wanted to get this on y'all's calendars: Charles is currently a researcher in theoretical physics at Caltech and an incoming assistant professor at Virginia Tech. He'll be sharing how the paradoxes in his research on quantum gravity are similar to the way he has understood the relationship between science and Christian faith. Keep an eye out for more information and ways you can help out!

Yours truly at CCF Council,
CCF Council

From: Wei, Nathaniel (Nathan) <nwei@caltech.edu>
Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2023 10:54 PM
To: Manetsch, Hannah J. <hmanetsc@caltech.edu>; Chang, Samantha <schang3@caltech.edu>; Heaton, Grigory J. <gheaton@caltech.edu>; Cao, Chun Jun (Charles) <ccao2@caltech.edu>; Wandui, Albert K. <awandui@caltech.edu>; Camarca, Maria <mcamarca@caltech.edu>; Li, Victor H. <vhli@caltech.edu>; Huang, Jerry Y. (Jerry) <jyhuang@caltech.edu>; kevin.ning.zhou@gmail.com <kevin.ning.zhou@gmail.com>; Dalja.parks100@gmail.com <Dalja.parks100@gmail.com>
Subject: Joshua Tree trip - Saturday, 17 March
Hey all,

Putting together a quick email thread with folks who expressed interest (or might be interested in expressing interest) in a Joshua Tree day trip next Saturday. If you want to join, please fill out a row of the planning spreadsheet below. I'll put together a separate group chat with all of the respondents on Tuesday or Wednesday so we can hash out final logistics without spamming others.

Also, if there are other folks you know who might be interested (e.g. CCFriends), feel free to forward them this email! Hopefully we'll have enough cars and NP passes to get everyone there (and possibly back, though no guarantees) safely.

Hope y'all have a wonderful week, and hope to see you on Saturday!



Nathaniel J. Wei

Ph.D. Candidate, Aeronautics

California Institute of Technology

M.Sc. Stanford (2020) | B.S.E. Princeton (2017)

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