[CCF]CCF Winter Term Week 8

Wednesday, February 22, 2023


Announcements for this week:

TLDR: Call a Cupcake this Sunday! Sign up to help!

Hour of Prayer
Come join us for Hour of Prayer for a time of singing, fellowship, and prayer Thursday 2/23, 10-11 PM. We will meet at the Avery Music Room 🙂

Weekly Meeting
Our weekly meeting is on Friday 2/24, 9-10PM in the Hameetman conference room. We will be collecting verses/themes that can be used for Call a Cupcake.

It is time for our termly iteration of Dial a Donut and/or Text a Toastie! This term, we will be making and delivering cupcakes and answering questions about Christianity all over campus. Even if you have not been coming recently, this is still a great opportunity to share your faith with your friends on campus. We need lots of help!
  1. If you want to be added to the planning chat, join our facebook planning chat. You can also DM Victor Li to be added directly.
  2. Costco run for cupcake mix and ingredients on Saturday. Trial batch Saturday ~6 PM.
  3. Sunday 6-8 PM: Make cupcakes.
  4. Sunday 8-10 PM: Send them out!
Sign-up on the Spreadsheet here! If you were in the facebook planning chat, I added your info to the spreadsheet. WE NEED A LOT MORE PEOPLE TO HELP FIELD QUESTIONS!!! Check out the flyer James made and questions that were asked last year, both attached.

Mark your calendars for testimony night for March 4th, 7-8 PM at the Hameetman conference/multimedia room as our follow-up to Call-a-Cupcake. This event is one where you can invite your friends and tell them about your journey of faith. As a quick sneak peak, while we are still confirming more final speakers, we will be having our very own frosh Arnauld Martinez, senior Sophie Chan, and supersenior Joshua Grosso give their testimonies. This is Josh's last term, so give him all the support you can!

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