[CCF]CCF Winter Term Week 2

Tuesday, January 17, 2023


Announcements for this week:

Hour of Prayer
Come join us for Hour of Prayer for a time of singing, fellowship, and prayer on Thursday 1/19, 10:00-11:00 PM in the Music House. We have some CCFers who have access 🙂

Weekly Meeting
Our second weekly meeting is on Friday 1/20, 7-8PM in the Hameetman conference room. We potentially may be having a special guest who potentially may be talking about speaker Dr. Mike Ressler (or him himself), who is working on the Webb telescope! Really cool stuff, you can read his background below. Trinity Baptist Church (walking distance from campus) will be hosting him for a talk I think this coming Sunday at 9:30 AM (https://www.trinitybaptistpasadena.org/).

Next week, expect the email to be coming on Sunday.

CCF Council


This is Pastor Steve Morgan from Trinity Baptist Church on Cordova and Michigan. Are you meeting this Friday night at 5PM? If so, what location? Is it possible to send one of our Church leaders to visit your group and tell you about our guest speaker this coming Sunday?

Our speaker for 0930 worship is Dr. Mike Ressler from JPL. He is one of lead scientists on Webb telescope and will be speaking on his career as a Scientist and committed follower of Jesus Christ. He will bring some outstanding visuals from the Webb as well. Our leader is named Bryan Bernard and he serves on the Deacon Board of Trinity. He would bring some flyers on Mike Ressler and leave them with your group if that is acceptable.

Thanks so much and hope some of you can join us this Sunday at 0930/1147 Cordova Drive, Pasadena.

Pastor Steve Morgan