[CCF]Re: Fall Term Week 6

Thursday, November 03, 2022

CORRECTION: Tonight's Missio meeting is in Ricketts 114, not 117.
Very sorry about that!

Thank you,
Joshua Grosso
On Nov 2, 2022 at 5:21 PM -0700, Grosso, Joshua T. (Joshua) <jgrosso@caltech.edu>, wrote:

The club fair is this Friday 11/4, 4:40PM (setup) – 5:00PM (start) – 7:00PM. We're thinking of doing two shifts (4:40–5:50PM and 5:50–7:00PM), with two to three people per shift. Here's a quick form if you'd like to help out and talk to people: https://forms.gle/PpXzqHWFcjfY6jAZ8.

This week's schedule:

Missio Neighborhood Group
Brooklyn will be hosting a weekly Bible study/small group tomorrow, Thursday 11/3, 7:00-8:30PM in One Holer (Rickets 117). Come, enjoy, and ask questions!
[N.B. De jure, it's under the Missio umbrella and is thus open to the public; but de facto, it's just Caltech undergrads.]

Hour of Prayer
Come join us for Hour of Prayer for a time of singing, fellowship, and prayer tomorrow, Thursday 11/3, 10:00–11:00PM in the Avery music room. (There might be guests from GCF as well this week!) Invite your friends!

Weekly Meeting
No weekly meeting—instead, ⬇⬇

Club Fair
See the beginning of the email!

Missio Sunday Morning Service
There will be a group of CCFers walking to Missio's 10 AM service on Sunday 11/6. Meet on Moore Walk in front of Avery House at around 9:40 AM and we'll head over as a group!

God bless,
Joshua Grosso