[CCF]Fall Term Week 3

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Hi, CCF!

Please fill out this form if you haven't already, so that we make sure our small groups and weekly meeting content are aligned with what you all are looking for.

And one final reminder: If you haven't already, you can join our Messenger chat, where we coordinate events, send reminders, and more.

This week's schedule:

Missio Neighborhood Group*
Brooklyn will be hosting a weekly Bible study/small group on Thursday 10/13, 7:00-8:30PM in One Holer (Rickets 117). Come, enjoy, and ask questions!

*De jure, it's under the Missio umbrella and is thus open to the public; but de facto, it's just Caltech undergrads.

Hour of Prayer
Come join us for Hour of Prayer for a time of singing, fellowship, and prayer Thursday 10/13, 10:00–11:00PM in the Avery music room. Invite your friends!

Weekly Meeting
Our third weekly meeting is Friday 10/14, 7:30–8:30PM in the Hameetman conference room. Hope to see you there!

Missio Sunday Morning Service
There will be a group of CCFers walking to Missio's 10 AM service on Sunday 10/16. Meet on Moore Walk in front of Avery House at around 9:40 AM and we'll head over as a group! This is a great chance to get a first look at one of the local churches around Caltech.

Future events:
(NOTE: Credit where credit's due—the following descriptions have been copied and pasted politely borrowed from GCF's weekly email, modulo some minor adaptations on my end.)

UCLA Veritas Forum
UCLA Veritas Forum with Mary Poplin (Claremont Graduate University), Thursday 10/18, 6:30PM on Zoom (register for the link here). Her talk, entitled "Lessons from Mother Teresa to Successful Teachers of the Poorest of the Poor: The Virtues and Actions of People Who Make a Difference in the World," will cover her sabbatical with Mother Teresa in Calcutta and how that shaped her approach to teaching and education. See the attached poster for details—should be a really interesting/challenging talk!

All-Campus Worship Night
On Friday 10/28, 7:00PM at the Newman Center (on Hill Ave. just north of Caltech), we'll join forces with GCF (Caltech's graduate fellowship), Catholics at Caltech, and other Christians on campus to worship God together as one body. Stay tuned for more details!

God bless,
Joshua Grosso