[CCF]Fall Term Week 1

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Hi, CCF!

Welcome to campus, pre-frosh and returning students alike!

Help us schedule a time for our weekly meetings, by filling out this When2meet with any times that you'd be available. (Note: Ignore the text that says "Sep 26" and "Sep 30"—we're asking about Mondays and Fridays in general.)

And feel free to join our Messenger chat, where we coordinate events, send reminders, etc.


First Weekly Meeting

Our first weekly meeting of the term is tomorrow night! We'll be in the Avery music room on Thursday 9/299:00–10:30PM. Join us for a night of worship, Bible study, and fellowship! Hope to see you all there.

Community events:

Missio Student Sunday

Missio is hosting a student luncheon with free Chipotle after service Sunday 10/2 at 10:00AM, and you can register at https://www.missiocc.org/students. Meet on Moore Walk in front of Avery House at around 9:40 AM, and we'll head over as a group!

God Bless,
Josh Grosso