[CCF]Spring Term Week 4

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Hi, CCF!

We're excited to announce our 2022-23 council!
(Co-)President: Sophie Chan and Victor Li
Treasurer: Saren Daghlian
Secretary: Josh Grosso
Event Coordinator: Jerry Huang
Media Coordinator: Christopher Zhou
Small Group Coordinator: Jedi Alindogan
Members at Large: Eileen Li and Patill Daghlian


Weekly Meeting
We will be meeting Friday 4/22 from 8-9 pm in the basement of Hameetman. More details to come.

Hour of Prayer
Come join us for Hour of Prayer for a time of singing, fellowship, and prayer Thursday 4/21 at 10 pm in Avery piano room. Invite your friends!

God bless,
Josh Grosso