[CCF] Week 2

Monday, April 09, 2018

Hiya CCF,

This term we'll be having a guys and girls lunch group, along with a co-ed small group on Fridays. More details below:


Guys Small Group:

Wednesdays, 12 pm

For the first one (4/11), the guys will meet at Millikan bridge, and then walk over to a spot by Arms

General plan is to go through a study book and corresponding parts of the bible. Definitely go this Wednesday for more info!


Girls Small Group:

Mondays, 12:15pm

Contact Noelle (noelle@caltech.edu) for more info


Friday Small Group:

Friday (4/13, 8pm) at SAC 14

Will be looking at Christianity in the context of world religion.


As always, there is also:

Hour of Prayer (HoP)

A time of worship, accountability, and prayer.

Thursday (4/12, 10pm) in Avery Piano Room


See y'round