[CCF] CCF and Club Fair

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Hello Friends!

tl;dr Club Fair is tomorrow! If you can help out, please sign up!

Yesterday, we began a very exciting new series which focuses on asking the difficult questions and engaging in deep and meaningful conversations! As this course is intended to provide an overview of Christian faith and why we believe what we believe, this is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to reach out to our peers (believers and non-believers) who are interested in exploring the meaning of life in a safe and constructive setting.

Also, club fair is tomorrow! This is another great opportunity to share more about the alpha courses with the student body. If you are interested in helping out, please sign up and feel free to reach out to me or William if you have any questions. Take care and God bless!

Thank You,
George Daghlian

B.S. Biology | Class of 2020
California Institute of Technology
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