Re: [CCF] Week 10 Announcements!

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Thanks Yuka and Daniel for the updates. 
I appreciate having been able to attend the latter part of the Ten C's series and to hear people's analysis.  I also appreciated seeing support among  group members.  I had not planned to attend subsequent meetings, including the upcoming 'grace' meeting.  In my opinion, grace and law have not been well delineated and joined in 'rediscoveries' since the Reformation.  They were certainly awash prior to the Reformation, in the 'thousand years of church darkness'.  I attached my analysis of a key grace passage, John 1:14 – 17.  Perhaps you, John, or other people might enjoy its views.  It is a significant, yet small part of what is available to consider in the Bible.  If you or other people might have comments, such is welcomed.  We must not allow ourselves to gloss easy answers which presume total knowledge.  Challenge!  Life is discovery, and the truth of scripture is bettered by following paths, like begin surprised on a hike that leads through meadows and glens.  If society is to find a rational faith about the rational God, with scriptural mechanics that work, we must begin with its elements and make sure we do not assume that their configurations are correctly known.  Blessings to all!!
Steve Huffey 
attachment:  'John 1.17 - Law is Grace, Gospel, and Goodness - larger context – 3'
p.s. – in the attachment at marker 'Sss', people might note comments at"II-B. - a  focus  on  Particular  views  of  Law:    some  false  and  some true –"
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Subject: [CCF] Week 10 Announcements!
Welcome back to a new week!  Here are some announcements:
Large Group
Discussion of 9th and 10th commandments: "You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor" and "You shall not covet anything that is your neighbor's" (Exodus 20:16-17) 
Monday (3/6, 8pm) at SFL MCR
North House Small Group
A journey through the New Testament. 
Tuesday (3/7, 8pm) at Ruddock 244
Hour of Prayer (HoP)
A time of worship, accountability, and prayer. 
Thursday (3/9, 10pm) at Avery Piano Room
Avery Girl's Small Group
An informal time of bible reading and sharing.  Non-averites are welcome! 
Sunday (3/12, 1pm) at Avery Piano Room
Mentors for L.I.F.E. Volunteer Program
Here is a chance to give support and encouragement to middle school students in Pasadena! 
Please take a look at the attached brochure and contact Noelle Davis if you are interested! 
Take care!