[CCF] Week 7 Announcements

Friday, February 17, 2017

Hi CCF, 

Happy long weekend!  Here are some announcements:  

Science and Faith Examined (SAFE): How do we know?  
What does it mean to know something?  Join us as we discuss the philosophical foundations of knowledge!  Dinner provided.  
Saturday (2/18, 6pm) at Dabney Hall 

Joint Prayer and Praise Night (no large group this week) 
A time of worship and prayer with other Christian fellowships on campus!  We'll be having a potluck-style dinner (bringing food is optional)!  Cooking will be happening at Avery LGT around 5pm :) 
Monday (2/20, 7pm dinner) at Avery Library 

North House Small Group
A journey through the New Testament.  
Tuesday (2/21, 8pm) at Ruddock 244

Blue Slip Milkshakes
We'll be serving free milkshakes for drop day!  Sign up here to be a volunteer: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qUzLN9CPklEyJvWF8juFFmd7TizsngMXzjGnsPC9CNg/edit?usp=sharing
Wednesday (2/22, 12pm) at Olive Walk

Hour of Prayer (HoP)
A time of worship, accountability, and prayer.  
Thursday (2/24, 10pm) at Avery Piano Room

Avery Girl's Small Group 
An informal time of bible reading and sharing.  Non-averites are welcome :) 
Sunday (2/26, 1pm) at Avery Piano Room

Veritas Forum: Meaning-Making Methodologies
Thank you all for praying and helping out, and hope everyone had a blessed time!  Stay tuned for a video recording on YouTube :) 

Take care!