[CCF] Week 9 Announcements

Monday, November 21, 2016

Dear CCF,

Happy Thanksgiving and welcome back to a new week!  Here are some announcements:

Large Group:
We'll be having fellowship at a Froyo place tonight!  
Monday (11/21, 8pm), meet in front of Red Door Cafe 

Blue Slip Milkshakes and Operation Christmas Child
Thank you for your help and prayers for these events!  For Operation Christmas Child, we received $90 in donations and packed 10 boxes :)  
We will receive information soon about where the boxes are delivered.  

North House Small Group: 
Reading through the New Testament. 
Wednesday (11/23, 9-10pm) at SAC 14

Hour of Prayer (HoP): 
A time of worship, accountability, and prayer. 
Thursday (11/24, 10-11pm) at Millikan Bridge

An in-depth study of a section of the Bible.  
Saturday (12/3) at 150 S Chester, meet at 9:40am at Avery Circle 

Science and Faith Examined (SAFE):  
"Are Miracles Madness?"  Find out more at: http://www.scienceandfaithexamined.org/#home and https://www.facebook.com/events/315056712189834/   Link to the previous SAFE talk: https://youtu.be/-_cE--hYQrQ
Saturday (12/3, 6pm) at the Winnett Student Center

Take care!
~CCF Council