[CCF-Announcements] Week 6: Weekly Announcements

Monday, October 31, 2016

Dear CCF, 

If you haven't found a church
yet, we want that community for you!
​Feel free to visit as many as you want before settling in. Don't know where to go? ​
Take a look at this list we've compiled of s​ome ​
local churches:

Some announcements:

Large Group:

Join us for a time of combined worship, discussion, and fellowship!  The topic for this week is "forgive us our debts, as we have forgiven our debtors."
Monday (10/31, 8-9:30pm) at SFL MCR (3rd floor)

North House Small Group: 

We're reading through the entire New Testament this year! Come
on our journey (:
Wednesday (10/26, 9-10pm) at SAC 14 

Hour of Prayer (HoP):

A time of worship, accountability, and prayer.  
Thursday (10/27, 10-11pm) at Millikan Bridge (on Millikan pond).

Encounter Jesus Fellowship (EJF) Bible Study:

A Bible Study led by one of our local churches, Hill Community Church.  
Friday (10/28, 8-9:30pm) at the Caltech Y (505 S Wilson Ave), 2nd floor.  

Blue Slip Milkshakes

It's that time of term again! For Drop Day, we serve free milkshakes on the Olive Walk during lunch. Sign up to help out here

Science and Faith Examined (SAFE):
Thanks to everyone who came to the event last Friday! We had an interesting discussion about creativity, the brain, and artificial intelligence. Couldn't make it? No worries--there'll be five more talks this year. Keep an eye out for more info!

​In Christ,

CCF Council