[CCF-Announcements] Welcome to Caltech! Some information about us and the first meeting.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hey Prefrosh and Returning Students!

First of all, welcome to Caltech! My name's John Li, a senior in Computer
Science, and I'm the Caltech Christian Fellowship president for this
upcoming year! Because you have stated that you're interested in Christian
fellowships (one of which being Caltech Christian Fellowship (CCF)), this
email is to provide some information on who we are as CCF and what we have
to offer.

NOTE: Our first meeting will be THIS COMING MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26TH. We
will be meeting at the Sherman Fairchild Library (SFL), third floor! Hope
to see you all there! :D

CCF's goal is to glorify God by being the salt and light on this campus.
We want this campus to know what it means to follow Christ by loving God,
loving our neighbors, and loving our campus.

Our website is here: http://ccf.caltech.edu/

The council is composed of the following people:

President: John Li

Large Group Coordinator: Cole Allen

Small Group Director: William Schmidt

Social Director: Joseph Schneider

Treasurer: Daniel Lim

Secretary: Yuka Sakazaki

Intergroup Prayer Liaison: Jenny He

If you have any questions, you can email us all directly at


Every Monday evening, at around 8:00-9:30 pm, we have a large group
meeting led by our large group coordinators. We will meet in the
Sherman Fairchild Library (SFL) at the third floor MCR room.

Typically, these large group meetings start off with some worship,
followed by icebreakers, then discussion groups to discuss a Bible
passage. Speakers from local churches also may stop by and give us some
Biblical insight. Afterwards, we sometimes go out and get some food/snacks
at a nearby Froyo, Boba, or fast food joint.

At Caltech, there are 8 houses. Four of these houses (Blacker, Dabney,
Fleming, and Ricketts) fall into the group "South Houses". Another four
fall into the group "North Houses" (Ruddock, Page, Lloyd, Avery).

Our small groups are also situated this way. We have a North House
small group, a South House small group, and an Avery House small group
(since its relatively far away). These small groups are designed to be
independent of one another, so your small group studies may differ
depending on what your small group decides. Typically, these small groups
have Bible study, or book studies, usually different from the topics
brought up in Large Group.

There are many opportunities for us to serve as well. One thing we've
been doing is volunteering at Union Station to cook for people at homeless
shelters. We also have served milkshakes and toasties to the Caltech
community during midterms and finals. Other opportunities include clothing
drives, food drives, etc.

CCF is a non-denominational fellowship group that aims to provide unity
to all Christians under Jesus Christ, regardless of their denomination. As
a result, CCF is not explicitly affiliated with any church; each of our
members attends their own respective church. Feel free to ask of us about
the churches we go to!

For a list of CCF churches, check out this link:


If you have any questions pertaining to CCF, Caltech and/or Christianity,
feel free to shoot us an email at ccf-council@caltech.edu.

Have a blessed year ahead!
John Li