Please pray for our new leaders!

Monday, June 01, 2015

We just had our third Family Business Meeting last Saturday and chose new council members! Please join me in praying for our new leaders (specific requests below) and for Caltech!

Also, as always, everyone is more than welcome to come to our weekly Council Meeting (Thursday noon - 1pm in the Winnett study space) - whether it's to provide input/help or just to hear about what's going on.

All the glory to God, who is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask for or imagine!

New leaders & prayer requests:

President - John Li
Pray that John can get guidance and help from others and especially from God. Pray that he will remain focused on God, that everything he does will be for God's glory, not his own glory or the group's glory. Pray that John will have patience and self-control and that we can hold him accountable. Pray that CCF will be a God-loving and God-fearing community.

Large Group Coordinators - Joseph Schneider and Cole Allen
Pray that Cole will be able to manage his time well, especially since he is taking ME 72 next year.

Pray that Joseph will be able to help unify the different groups/circles within CCF.

Treasurers - Elizabeth Terlinden and Will Schmidt
Pray that Will will have the strength to balance his different responsibilities for next year - academics along with being president of another club.

Secretary - Jessica Lam
Pray that Jessica will be more focused on people, not just excited about planning and organizing events. Pray for boldness in sharing Jesus with others.

Intergroup Prayer Liaison - Jenny He
Pray that Jenny will be able to transition to this new position, even though she's studying abroad first term. Pray that she can share insights with other groups. Also, pray that she won't rely on her own abilities, but lean on God through prayer. Pray that God would do huge things on this campus and maybe use this new position along the way.